Commercials explained: The 5 most beautiful commercials of all time

Some commercials are remembered forever. Which commercials from your youth do you still remember? The power of advertising films should not be underestimated, so in this article we present the 5 most beautiful advertising films of all time and explain their message in a short description.

Platz 1: Apple – “1984” (1984)

Einer der genialsten Werbefilme aller Zeiten. Der Apple Werbespot zum Superbowl 1984. Im gesamten Werbespot wird zu keinem Zeitpunkt ein einziges Gerät von Apple gezeigt. Die eigentliche Botschaft liegt deutlich tiefer. Im Werbespot stürmt eine junge bunte Frau eine riesige Halle voller grauer Männer, welche gebannt auf einen großen Monitor blicken. Trotz bewaffneter Verfolger gelingt es der Frau, den riesigen Monitor zu zerschlagen. Aufgelöst in einer Wolke aus grauem Staub folgt eine Botschaft, die es in sich hat. Apple kündigt die Präsentation vom Macintosh Computer an. Der Grund, weshalb 1984 nicht wie 1984 wird – eine Anspielung auf Georg Orwells gleichnamigen Roman. Doch alles in allem ein viel tieferes Gefühl. Apple gegen IBM, David gegen Goliath auf den Punkt gebracht: „Think Different“.

Platz 2: Budweiser – “Wassup?!”

Second place also goes to a Superbowl commercial. Budweiser manages to combine its beer with the consumption of sporting events in a funny, humorous way. The cliché of drinking beer in front of the TV turns into an event that connects. "Wassup?!" - Friends call each other and the "Wassup?!" becomes an entertaining hit. True - as it says at the end of the commercial.

Platz 3: Old Spice – “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

This commercial sells a shower gel for men to women. The message is quite simple: with Old Spice your man will become the man of your dreams, the dreams of many women, at least as far as the smell is concerned. Together with an absolutely crazy twist, this commercial has managed to stay in the memory of the Internet. A unique idea.

Platz 4: Sony Bravia: Bouncing Balls

This commercial is the longest from our selection. It all starts with bouncing balls through a city and the addressee wonders: What's the point? But the target is again not a product, but a feeling. Wonderful visuals of colorful balls. Color. Like no other - the Sony Bravia display. After sports, you are in the right emotional state to buy the product.

Platz 5: Nike: Just Do It

80-year-old jogger Walt Stack runs his 17 miles every day. How he does it? "Just do it." In its humorous way, the commercial comes from an era when brands were brave enough to advertise their vision and invite their customers to dream with them. Just do it invites courage, but at the same time is free of promises, a smart move.

Fazit: Doch was haben sie alle gemeinsam?

Each of these 5 commercials is different, that they have at least in common. In addition, it is the feelings that they trigger in the addressee and which make them unique. Instead of products, multi-layered feelings and needs are presented that everyone knows. Are you also looking for an advertising film? Then feel free to contact us, we will produce a film that will appeal to your addressees with all their feelings. Get in touch and let's get started.

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