But why video?

Videos are booming! People are consuming them via social media and platforms such as YouTube. With the growth of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, there is every indication that the number of regular video consumers will continue to rise.Whether at home, in the office or on the way in between.Almost 69% of all people consume videos on the go. While entertainment is the main focus for many, the number of people learning about video content and using videos to inform themselves before making a potential purchase decision is also growing. This is why a video marketing funnel is so important in a competitive market.

What is a video marketing funnel anyway?

A video marketing funnel guides your target group through the entire customer journey. The aim is therefore to attract, inform, convert and, if possible, retain interested parties in the long term. All this with the help of suitable videos, comparable to a content marketing funnel. As with a content marketing funnel, the objectives of the individual videos depend on the relevant stage.For example, the topic of prospect acquisition. The first step requires videos that deal with the customer's challenges and pick them up at the beginning of their journey. The success of such a video would be measured by the number of video views. The more helpful the content, the more views you are likely to get. Another KPI for measuring interest would be the engagement figures under the video. How have the likes developed? What questions were asked under the video?

Why reach your target audience with a video marketing funnel?

Videos consist of image and sound. Two tools that allow the emotional state of the viewer to be manipulated. This type of control makes it possible to convey a unique brand message. Sound and music alone can influence people's mood. You may be in the supermarket and suddenly hear your favorite song.You'll probably feel good and put more in your shopping cart. It's similar with videos. The emotional reaction can have a stronger influence on the purchase decision than the actual ad content. Studies have shown that a video is up to 10 times more effective than an image - with the same message. People take in more visual information and the sound changes their emotional state. The result is increased sales at lower advertising costs.

Conclusion: Success with the Video Marketing Funnel

Emotions and feelings instead of hard facts. What the really big companies recognized early on is now also penetrating the wider economy and is turning from a “can” to a “must”. If you want to place optimized ads in 2022, you also have to rely on video content to remain competitive. Do you already have a plan for your video marketing funnel? But still have questions about production? Then get in touch with us.We'll be happy to help you.