How to make a good recruiting film?


After more than seven years of experience as a full-service film production agency, we know how important a well-made recruiting film is. 

Find and hire the best Kandidaten


An excellent recruiting film creates a feeling for the company in a potential candidate. Especially today in the war for talents, a company is dependent on good international employees. But these are hard to find. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to provide a weekly fruit basket and a foosball table. Companies have to use their culture to attract employees. That's why we always see a recruiting film as the company's actual application for professionals. In other words, it is not the applicants who have to introduce themselves, but the company can take the first step towards respectful interaction and cooperation with a humble attitude towards the candidate's life and experience. This attitude should be felt in a good recruiting film in image and sound.

At the same time, a recruiting film is of course also a figurehead for the entire brand and its corporate identity and corporate design. In the best case, your brand identity and your goals are appealing and presented through beautiful images. Good movies also mean more social shares and that leads to more applications in the end.

According to Career Builder job listings that include videos have a 34% higher application rate than listings without videos.

We've selected our top 3 from recruiting films that have proven to be extremely effective over the past few years 


Hillsboro Police Chief Recruiting Video


We personally always look for the "personality" of the company in a recruiting film. This is what we carefully observe and depict on film. We are proud of our Recruiting Films Projects. If you have any questions or concerns about creating a recruiting film, please contact us. We look forward to getting to know you and your company.