A good image film presents more than just the brand. It shows character, gives space to the people who make up the company and conveys values and goals. It is the modern business card and should not be missing on any website.

The great art we have dedicated ourselves to is to listen carefully. This already starts in the conception phase, where we work out the story together with the company. Later, the planning of the settings and possible images is based on this story. The background of the interview setup is also important - as is the experience of asking the right questions at the right time. And, in the best case, in such a way that even inexperienced people feel at ease in front of the camera. We also value the trust placed in us later in editing and color grading. Sensitively we look for the most wonderful statements, the most honest and human moments of the protagonists, and put them together to move stories.

Airbnb – Connection in times of crisis
DKMS - Lars and his loved ones
Buergergeld - Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Ryo Kato Documentary Teaser
Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband Employer Branding Film
Imagefilm Kulturplakatierung & Commerzbank
Barefoot Living
Medneo – Recruiting Film
ADA Health Imagefilm, by Rocc film
ADA Health Imagefilm
ROCC Film Showreel 2021
Kulturplakatierung Commerzbank ROCCFilm
Kulturplakatierung / Commerzbank
Commerzbank Mobile Banking App
Ada Health Recruiting Video
DKMS Mathilda
Bauwert "Turning of the Sod"
DKMS imagefilm UK
Natural Dental Implants Image Film
Natural Dental Implants
Imagefilm und Erklärvideo für Lufthansa Hilfsorganisation
Charity Dokumentation „Lets get together to help the world“
Imagefilm for Swiss Airlines by Rocc Film Berlin
Swiss Air
image film for IVS , by Rocc Film Berlin
Interessensverband Synchronsprecher IVS
Kraftwerk Berlin
Volkswagen imagefilm by ROCC film Berlin
Volkswagen Grafenegg
Volkswagen imagefilm by ROCC film Berlin
Volkswagen Euro-Kultur-Preis
Qatar Museum Imagefilm
Qatar Museums
imagefilm barn berlin webung
VR pay – Imagefilm “The Barn”
ziet für brot berlin imagefilm by ROCC FILM
VR pay – Imagefilm „Zeit für Brot“