An exciting story

Everything stands and falls with the right story. The central question is what you want to achieve with your corporate film, your goal. The story in your film depends on this. Success stories, life stories, but also major failures can form the basis for a successful story. Potential customers and employees are more likely to absorb factual information in an exciting story and will remember you.

The first seconds decide

First Impressions of the film are key. The first few seconds decide whether viewers stay tuned or click away. Exciting questions, unusual facts, and a completely unexpected start are the optimal basis. The viewer has to keep watching out of curiosity.

Added value convinces

Entertainment is an added value. At the end of the day, however, you also want to convey important factual information. It's best to show this factual information in practical use instead of talking about it a lot. If the customer can see the added value within seconds, they have a chance to be convinced.

Less can be more

A film can be very compelling. Unless you lock viewers into a movie theater, you'll face an increasing bounce rate over time. Your corporate film should be short and sweet. The longer the film, the more important the entertainment value.

Spread it: Share your movie

The most entertaining image film in the world from the best film production company in the world is useless if nobody sees it. Use all available channels to share your corporate film. This will make it a success for your company by literally standing out on the Internet.

Conclusion: Your image film at

Now you know what makes an excellent corporate film. But how do you get your own film production? The easiest way is through an agency, such as We have been helping companies with moving communication for many years. We would be happy to help you too, just get in touch with us.