Film is the most touching way brands can communicate. And creating it is quite simple. You just have to be interested in people and their stories. That's what drives us - in every creation.


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Bombardier Berlin
Vista – Amazon Connect
REMEDIO – The Adventure Game
Reppa Gold TV Commercial
Airbnb – Connection in times of crisis
SIRPLUS Crowdfunding Film
Digital Learning - Museum of Islamic Art
DKMS - Lars and his loved ones
Buergergeld - Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
A fashion film for Braut and Bräutigam
Ryo Kato Documentary Teaser
Swatch – FlikFlak Kids Collection 2021
Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband Employer Branding Film
Allianz Recruiting Film
Imagefilm Kulturplakatierung & Commerzbank
Barefoot Living
Pega Systems und Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG
Medneo – Recruiting Film
ADA Health Imagefilm, by Rocc film
ADA Health Imagefilm
init AG – Portrait Nico Lössner
ROCC Film Showreel 2021
Kulturplakatierung Commerzbank ROCCFilm
Kulturplakatierung / Commerzbank
hek imagefilm Rocc Film
Hilfswerk Evangelische Kirchen Schweiz
Commerzbank Mobile Banking App
Ada Health Recruiting Video
DKMS Mathilda
Porsche werbe spot und social media film
Porsche Instagram Stories
Bauwert "Turning of the Sod"
TA Media werbefilm by Rocc Film
Tamedia “Ma passion” – Flavienne
DKMS imagefilm UK
Natural Dental Implants Image Film
Natural Dental Implants
Imagefilm und Erklärvideo für Lufthansa Hilfsorganisation
Charity Dokumentation „Lets get together to help the world“
berliner feuerwehr erklarvideo rocc film berlin
Berliner Feuerwehr
RANSPOREON BOSCH SIEMENS Industriefilm Produktvid
Transporeon / Bosch Siemens
Imagefilm for Swiss Airlines by Rocc Film Berlin
Swiss Air
image film for IVS , by Rocc Film Berlin
Interessensverband Synchronsprecher IVS
Kraftwerk Berlin
Volkswagen imagefilm by ROCC film Berlin
Volkswagen Grafenegg
Volkswagen imagefilm by ROCC film Berlin
Volkswagen Euro-Kultur-Preis
Mareeka – Voices Musikvideo
Qatar Museum Imagefilm
Qatar Museums
imagefilm barn berlin webung
VR pay – Imagefilm “The Barn”
Imagefilm and werbe spot staring Eva Brenner by Rocc Film
Vorwerk TWERKS mit Eva Brenner
ziet für brot berlin imagefilm by ROCC FILM
VR pay – Imagefilm „Zeit für Brot“