Wir sind ROCC Film

We combine visual excellence with a strong passion for people and their stories. Because that's what makes good films: they are impressive for the eye and moving for the heart. This is how we create an emotional connection between people and brands. And thus a successful and sustainable positioning with the target group.

What we do differently

That's why we believe that film production is much more than just a service. With a lot of clarity and empathy, we create a warm and relaxed atmosphere for every project. Because the better the experience for everyone involved, the better the result.

What drives us

And by result, we don't just mean the film, but above all what it should achieve for you: To inspire you, your company, your brands, products and services. For us, you will never be just a customer. But always the reason why we love what we do.

Full-service film production Berlin

From the free initial consultation, planning, budgeting, concept and casting to the final cut: we take the stress off you and ensure the best realization of your vision - always with an eye on the budget. Our experience is our strength, so that you can relax and enjoy the trip. 

Our service: Your agency for film production Berlin

“If you buy cheap, you buy twice.” Customers have told us this more than once. That's why we have set ourselves the goal of not always being the cheapest, but always being the best. And this is reflected in our 100% customer satisfaction rate. Don't you believe it? Challenge accepted!

As a brand, you don't just want to be known, you want to be loved. We capture the essence of your brand and create a unique connection with your target audience. 

Is your product or service ready to take over the world? We create the perfect first impression and touch people in ways that inspire action.

Looking for new blood and talent to grow your business? We spotlight the heart and soul of your company and inspire people to want to be a part of it. 


Do you provide highly specialized industry solutions? We help you find customers and partners with films that understand that all successful business is still about people. 

Do you want to put a product or service in the spotlight? We build a stage for you that showcases its strengths in such a way that your target group will not want to miss it. 

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Do you have great products or services that need explaining? We make sure your target audience not only understands but falls in love with them. 

What our customers say, when they're happy.

It's not that difficult to do a good job: Listen to customers and take their wishes, concerns and requests seriously. Then repeat this until everyone is satisfied.

Our highlights: When everything fits together.

We give our all to every project. Nevertheless, a film shoot remains dependent on unplannable coincidences. Is the sun shining? Do the actors get along? Does the team harmonize? Even though we put a lot of work into the preparation and always create a pleasant atmosphere, there are still some film shoots where chance helps us out. That's when the goosebump moments arise that we get up for every morning. And in the end, they also inspire the brand.

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