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We have a lot of passion for filmmaking and even more experience with that. Experience that is not only decades long, but gained from many different perspectives. You can read about it here. But we would much rather meet you in person. We don't have to talk business right away ; )



Managing Director ROCC (Director)

... has experience in front of the camera, behind the camera and even more behind the camera. As a copywriter he has won international awards and as a young doctor in an ARD series he has won the hearts of many viewers ;). As a director, he approaches his work with a great deal of overview, creativity and, above all, empathy. Thanks to his experience as an actor, he is able to work with actors - especially inexperienced ones - in a very sensitive way and always creates the right atmosphere on the set. This leads to amazing results, especially when we shoot image or recruiting films with real employees.



Managing Director ROCC (Camera & Color Grading)

... literally grew up on movie sets. Since then, he has been driven by a fascination for the big screen. He learned the business from the ground up, starting as a gaffer, moving behind the camera, and training to become a professional color grader. The unstoppable autodidact can do just about anything, and most importantly, capture incredibly beautiful images. And what he can't do, he can learn in a flash. In his career, he has shot countless commercials and worked as a DoP on music videos and feature films. His ability to find the best perspective on anything is magical, especially when the location doesn't have much to offer.


Online Marketing Specialist

... has been a valuable member of the team at ROCC Film for 4 years. Originally from Ireland, he has proven himself to be an indispensable force in various areas during this time. In addition to his role in marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), Eric is also active as a production assistant on all of ROCC Film's film projects. He shares his passion for film with the entire team and helps to ensure that ROCC Film's projects are always successful and impressive.


Brand storytelling

... is a strategic mind with a creative heart and vice versa. As a creative director, he has more than 20 years of experience in advertising. His passion for excellent storytelling and copywriting has won him countless international awards. He has even written for the President of Germany and created one of the most innovative campaigns in the world. His work has even been exhibited in the Louvre. Today, Danny writes great films that bring the essence and heart of any brand to life on screen.


Marketing and media strategy

...combines innovative ideas and powerful images. With extensive experience in the efficient use of advertising budgets in the double-digit million euro range, Dominic supports his clients with the necessary know-how to achieve their marketing goals. His passions are moving images that stick in the mind and disruptive business models. This combination enables him to develop successful marketing strategies and create advertising campaigns that stand out from the crowd. He finds working with clients in a David versus Goliath position particularly appealing, as this requires an original approach.


Direction, editing, animation

is a versatile editor and motion designer. He has also demonstrated his skills as a director in many music videos and image films and loves to breathe life into film material and take it to the next level, especially in the editing process.


Camera and top light

...with a wide range of experience in the film industry, Marcus is an asset to our team. From his beginnings as an intern and assistant on major Babelsberg productions to his Master's degree in Cinematography at the Babelsberg Film University, he has continued to develop. His passion for storytelling is reflected in his ability to get to the picture quickly and effectively. He loves interacting with people and enjoys working in a team on set. With many years of experience in commercials and feature films, as well as a senior lighting technician, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the lighting and camera department.

Jonathan Barbir

Producer, Sound Design, Post Production

is a Berlin-based editor working in the field for more than 10 years. He mainly specializes in editing and sound designing. He has worked as a producer, creative producer and as cameraman, sound recorder and in concept development. So he knows quite well how to work together with most of the people in the production. He loves new challenges but feels most comfortable in well-paced, dynamic storytelling for brands in outdoor and cars.


Good-humored CEO

... our fluffy mascot always spreads a good mood in the office with his amiable nature.And he's always happy to meet new people who throw him the ball in our backyard.Come and see him!

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We don't really like to praise ourselves. But when you add up our experience, it adds up to a surprising amount.

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