1. Toma

The film Toma features one of the most famous singers of all time, Serbian singer Toma Zdravkovic. Toma is a powerful, impressionistic portrait of the singer's life and times. The film follows his life from humble beginnings in Pecenjevci through the heights of fame and the depths of life. It is a great film about the soul of an artist.

2. Heikos Welt

The German film “Heiko's World” is an odyssey through the corner pubs of Berlin. In addition to darts, beer and motherly love, the movie is also about the relationship between mother and son. The movie has perfect timing. Instead of planning the movie as a heist movie, Dominik Galizia introduces a few “random” events that happen to Heiko in his daily life. These events inevitably contribute to the plot of the movie. Martin Rohde, who played Heiko, had no acting ambitions before filming. Heiko's World screened at the Munich Film Festival and won the award for Best New German Film. Heiko's World (2021) on IMDB

3. Zwei ist eine gute Zahl

The drama by Holger Borggrefe and Elena Janssen, played by actors Philipp Dechamps, Sonka Vogt and Tim Boris, is about a day at the lake. Nadia, Andrej's ex-girlfriend and the current girlfriend of Andrej's former best friend Claudius, pays him a visit. She asks him for help and confronts Andrej with a shared and very dark secret. The German drama “Zwei ist eine gute Zahl” has also won awards at numerous independent film festivals around the world, including Best European Screenplay at the Festival International du Film de Bretagne and Best Feature Film at the Auber International Film Festival.

4. Schattenstunden

The film Schattenstunden, directed by Benjamin Martins, premiered at the Munich Film Festival in July 2021. Set during the Nazi era, it is based on the diary entries of Jochen Klepper, a Christian writer who was murdered by the Nazis, and his thoughtful wife Johanna. After the Holocaust, they decided to commit suicide to save their family and escape further persecution. The film is a touching biopic about these events and uses the diary entries to explore the family's life.

5. La Passi Segons Pep Amores

The film follows three friends - an entrepreneur and a music fan - who reunite to form a band. Despite their different characters, they share a common passion: music. The three men decide to make a film about their passion for music, and the film is produced by a team of three directors with different styles. While their road to the final concert is not without obstacles, they persevere and find the courage to make their dreams come true. Despite its weaknesses, "La Passi segons Pep Amores" is still a well-made film that should be seen.

6. The Kennedy Incident

The Kennedy Incident is a historical drama set in pre-war Europe. It follows John F. Kennedy, then twenty-one, as he becomes embroiled in a bittersweet love triangle with two young women. The film is directed by Mart Sander, an artist, author and television presenter.

7. Leberhaken

In this movie, an embittered man is confronted with a rebellious young woman who helps him to find his humanity. The movie is cast with very good actors Luise Großmann and Hardy Krüger jr. The story of the movie Leberhaken is very much like a showreel. In the beginning it was just a short scene that was supposed to show a boxing club, but the director Torsten Ruther decided to turn it into a full-length feature film.

8. Qazi

The film "Qazi" is a drama about a young Pakistani refugee who is forced to emigrate to Germany to seek happiness and peace. The film is well written and directed, and Anil Fastenau has captured the essence of the character with his enthusiasm and charm. It also portrays the difficult situation refugees face in general. Absolutely worth seeing!

9. New Queer Visions: Parental Guidance

The film is not what you think! This series of short films explores the complexities of parenting queer children. The film has an important message: parents need to know that their children are allowed to show their identity in public. In some countries, it is illegal to be gay, but it is not always recognized as a valid identity. This film addresses this important issue in an educational and entertaining way. If you are looking for a movie that deals with this topic, look no further and watch New Queer Visions: Parental Guise.

10. Ein nasser Hund

The film is about the life of an Iranian boy, Soheil. The plot is set in the Berlin neighborhood of Wedding and follows a teenage gang member who tries to hide his Jewish identity from the neighborhood. The plot is simple and straightforward. This film will certainly make you think about what is happening to the world of religion and ethnicity. It is a film that will have a lasting impact on society.