More awareness thanks to image film

Companies, service providers and services whose importance is not yet well known can reach the general public with an image film. The film is the figurehead and represents the style and character of the company. With emotional storytelling, it is possible to capture the viewer's heart without neglecting the advertising character. Unlike an advertising film, the image film does not rely on jingles and recognition through a specific theme, but by anchoring itself in the heart of the potential customer. The image film plays a major role not only online, in the area of social media. Distribution is also relevant offline, at events, trade fairs and large events, as a large target group is addressed here. Every website of a reputable company or entrepreneur should also have a professional image film.

Address personas directly

Reaching the desired target group, anchoring oneself sustainably and at the same time providing a solid insight into one's own company - this is how the most important goals of the image film can be summarized. It is not about directly branding a product, but the company or the salesperson behind the product. For example, it is not a particular pair of shoes that is presented, but the manufacturer of the shoes. In the long run, customer loyalty is more intense when the customer builds a bond with the company itself, not just with individual divisions and products.

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