Creating an Image FIlm - Can it be done alone?

Shooting a video is no longer difficult in the age of smartphone cams.Theoretically, you can create your own image film yourself with the help of a tutorial from the Internet. However, if you turn to Filmproduktion Berlin with confidence, you can rely on expertise and high quality. The disadvantage of such do-it-yourself videos is that they can never compete with the results of an image film agency in terms of professionalism. The most important start to calculating the image film costs is that you know what you want. However, it is almost impossible to give a blanket answer, because if you want to buy a car, the price can vary between 1000 euros and 100,000 euros and more. The situation is similar with image films!

The complexity of the image film

The costs are calculated on the basis of various factors, one of which is the complexity of the film you require. The costs are measured according to the following criteria, among others: How complex is the story? Where is the filming location? How big does the team need to be? How complex is the overall editing? For an average image film, with a length between 2 and 5 minutes, a shooting time of 2 - 7 days is required. The simplest solution is that you know your goal and your budget and we write the script for you and make you an offer!


The foundation for your image film is laid during pre-production. Here it depends on whether you want to use your own actors or whether you want to use professional actors through the contacts of your image film agency. The fee is then also added to the costs. The producer of your film will put together the team and plan which logistical measures are necessary. In most cases, freelancers are employed who are paid on a fee basis. The film team, if it is of high quality, is the highest cost factor. The concept is also created during pre-production, which is then agreed with you. Only when you as the client and the team are satisfied does filming begin.

The shooting of the image film:

The actors, film crew, director and campaign manager come together on set to make the shoot as efficient and perfect as possible. The content work is the responsibility of the director, who also gives the go-ahead for successful scenes. The actors are paid by the day of shooting, which means that more effort and more shooting days also mean more costs. In addition to make-up artists, camera assistants, actors, sound man and lighting man, a good team also includes caterers to keep the actors happy. The client himself may or may not be present. If you would like to participate in or watch the shoot, you should only observe the work of the team, but not disturb it.

Post production and distribution

The next two steps take place when the majority of the costs have already been incurred. This is where the graphic designers come in. Studio speakers, background music, designers and editors now take over and turn the rough version of the film into the finished work. Here too, the more complex the production, the higher the costs. The last and very different cost factor is the distribution of your image film. If you have opted for distribution on the Internet, you can save costs. Broadcast time on TV is more expensive, but often less effective. The analysis of your target group is crucial here. If you place an advertising spot on one of the main channels in the evening program, you can expect costs of up to 60,000 euros. During the news, the costs can be lower, between 20,000 and 40,000 euros. If your target group is online, distributing the image film via search engines and YouTube can be much more efficient for you and is often associated with lower costs. The fact is, however, that a high-quality advertising campaign should always be the aim of the image film, otherwise the costs will not have paid off.