How does a film production work? Most important points for 2022

Having an Image Film created, a film production for your own company, questions about these topics come up again and again: How does a film production work? What steps are to be expected? In the following, we show and explain the process of a film production based on its individual phases. Every film production consists of three phases: Pre-production, production, post-production.

The organization of pre-production

Before the shoot comes the planning. No good result without a clear concept. The first step in pre-production is to develop an idea for the film production. What is the goal of the film production, for example, what does the client want to have an image film made for? Which target group is to be reached? What information about the company, brand, service or product is to be conveyed? Questions about questions, without which no shooting can take place.

The storyboard gives the client and production an impression of the finished film. The concept is outlined frame by frame, including the planned texts. This allows the film production to be tailored precisely to the customer. Even before the first shoot, customer satisfaction is assured. With the storyboard as the heart of the production, we move on to the shooting schedule. Which scene will be shot, how, when and where? Which locations need to be booked? Which staff or actors will be provided? Are there any props needed? All these questions are clarified in pre-production. Drehplan. Welche Szene wird wie, wann und wo gedreht? Welche Orte müssen gebucht werden? Welche Mitarbeiter oder Schauspieler bereitgestellt werden? Gibt es benötigte Requisiten? All diese Fragen werden in der Vorproduktion geklärt.

Sequence of shooting in production 

The actual production now consists "only" of the shooting. It goes to the authentic implementation of the pre-production. The technical quality is ensured by exposure, sound quality and the cameras used. Perspectives and content have already been solved in the storyboard and shooting schedule. For an authentic video, scenes are often shot several times, so there are more possibilities later during editing to achieve the best possible result. 

Production is merely the implementation of planning, but improvisation can still occur on set. The goal, however, is to stay as close as possible to the plan approved by clients and producers. 

From video editing to post-production delivery

After the shoot is before the edit. The film is in the can, now it's time to edit the individual shots into the perfect film. The team combines sound and images to create a harmonious overall picture. In several steps, the rough cut becomes the finished result. Now the film is "finished". Together with the client, the created image film can be slightly adjusted again if necessary. Then, however, it is time to market it. The film is finally played out. 

We hope that these explanations about the process of a film production have been helpful to you. If you have any questions or wish to have your own film production, we are always available for you. 


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