über den Film

Mary is an Airbnb host in Berlin. When the war started, she looked for ways to help and found She opened her home to three people who had fled the crisis in Ukraine - two of whom were referred to her by Alight, an organization that helps people from the LGBTQ+ community. Mary's first guests were a trans couple on their way to the Netherlands. Then she was introduced to Dima and his cat, Peach. Alight helped Dima find longer-term housing, but Mary and Dima continue to stay in touch. Mary is glad she was able to help. "It's really not much work for me, and I can make a difference," she explained.

Customer: Airbnb
Production: ROCC Film
Creative Producer: Amy Pereira
DoP / Videographer: Ben Stamper
Photographer / Video Director: Sasha Arutyunova
Field Producer: Bastian Seitz
Sound Mixer: Jacob Blumberg