Why reach your target audience with a video marketing funnel.

Are you already doing video marketing? If not, it's time! 66% of all marketing departments want to maintain or increase their video budgets in 2022. 79% of all marketing departments that are not yet using video ads want to start in 2022. As you can see, the best time to start a video marketing funnel is now!

How long does it take to produce a commercial?

Anyone who commissions their own commercial film production is often looking for planning security. When will the commercial be ready? How long will the production take and when can it be played?

Our Top 10 Best German Movies from 2021

Whether it's a rom-com, a family film, a biopic or a thriller, 2021 brought a diverse selection of German Film productions. In the category best German films of 2021, we choose our top rated film of the year. Have fun reading on. Potential Spoiler Alert!

How does a film production work? Most important points for 2022

Having an image film created, a film production for your own company, questions always arise around these topics: How does a film production work? What steps are to be expected? In the following, we will show Every film production consists of three phases

Image film: What makes an excellent corporate film?

In the beginning was the text, then came the image and now comes the film. More and more companies are turning to the production of an image film for corporate communications on the Internet. But what do you have to pay attention to? What makes the film production of an excellent corporate film? 

What is an image film?

An image film, as it is created for example at the film production ROCC Film Berlin, is a film with which you succeed in putting your company in the limelight. With the help of this film you can present yourself positively in a commercial way and transport your individual concern to your target group.

Creating a Recruiting film - talent search made easy

If you're looking to strengthen your team, you need more than a post on Indeed these days. That's why we want to help you find talent for your company that will help you get ahead. For this purpose, we would like to create a recruiting film for you, which will bring you much more than you might think at first.

How to make a good recruiting film

As a full-service film production agency, we at ROCC understand the importance of a well-made recruiting film. An excellent recruiting film should appeal to and excite potential candidates for the open positions. It should appeal to and portray your brand identity and goals through beautiful imagery. 

Producing an image film - The key to sustainable success

Often, it is much more important how your customers perceive your company than how it really is. Thus, it is important that your company has a good image that your customers can identify with.

How a commercial is produced

Commercials are one of the best ways to generate attention for your company. Whether the film is about a product or service or the company's image, it will always benefit you.

How much does it cost to produce an imagefilm?

You're planning to use an image film to promote your company and are wondering what the costs will be? We'll give you an idea of the costs you should expect and how they're calculated.