Your experts for brand communication and everything film

Our passion is to position brands sustainably in the minds of the target group - primarily with the medium that we love so much: Film. In recent years, however, more and more clients have approached us with the question of whether we can also support them in the run-up to production, for example in finding the brand strategy or writing the script. Even after production, many companies feel unsure about how to best place the finished film in the media. That is why we have continuously developed and expanded our network to include experienced professionals. Today, we are proud to be not only your partner for high-quality films and videos, but also your experts for comprehensive brand communication and media strategy.

1. Brand strategy

A strong brand is at the heart of every successful project. We develop customized brand strategies that communicate your values and visions clearly and convincingly.

2. Brand Storytelling

Stories are the core of every brand. We create captivating brand stories that appeal to your target group emotionally and position the brand sustainably. From this, we develop the right script and storyboard for your film.

3. Pre-production

Careful planning is the key to a successful shoot. We take care of all aspects of preparation, from location scouting to casting and the creation of detailed storyboards and production plans.

4. Production

Your vision becomes reality here. With state-of-the-art technology and an experienced team, we stage all content perfectly. Frame by frame, we work with you to create a brand world that captivates your target group.

5. Post-production

The finishing touches for your project. In our state-of-the-art editing and color grading studio, we refine the filmed material - from color correction to special effects and sound design.

6. Media Strategy

An effective media strategy is crucial to getting your message across perfectly. We plan and implement media campaigns that increase awareness, maximize reach and target specific audiences.

Brand strategy - A clear plan for growth

Together with you, we develop a clear plan on how to inspire the right audience at the right time and in the right place with your brand story and the corresponding film. We define clear goals and produce measurable results.

“The most important part of a story is the audience”
Dominic Cantzler
Marketing Strategy Consultant

Setting the right goals

Together with you, we will set goals that are in line with the overall strategy and fit in with your existing advertising budget. If you do not yet have a fixed budget, we will also be happy to advise you on which goals can realistically be achieved with which budget. At the same time, we define meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) to precisely evaluate the success of your campaigns.


Understanding the target group

We carry out a comprehensive target group analysis with you and examine demographic characteristics, behavioral patterns, preferences and media usage. The better we understand the target group, the better we can identify suitable touchpoints to address them.


Inspire the target group

We develop a content strategy that emphasizes your brand message and appeals to the target group on various levels. We ensure that the content generates the desired engagement.



What customers say, when they're happy.

It's not that difficult to do a good job: Listen to customers and take their
wishes, concerns and requests seriously. Then repeat this until everyone is satisfied.

Brand storytelling - Becoming more successful than Hollywood

Resonance with the target group is the strongest force in storytelling. Hollywood uses them to get audiences excited about the heroes of their films. Brands like Nike and Apple use them to get people excited about their products. And we can help you with that, get to know the simple tricks they use and apply them to your company.

“Strong brands generate resonance”
Danny Wünsch
Brandcoach & Creative Director

Hollywood's recipe for success

In an extraordinary workshop, we will develop your brand personality using the same principles that Hollywood uses to create its heroes. The workshop can take place in one long session on site or remotely or be divided into several small exercises. It is important that all key stakeholders are present in order to achieve the most holistic brand image possible.


The true core of your brand

The workshop is followed by a detailed analysis of the results. We will go through the individual exercises from the workshop with your decisions and together you will draw the right conclusions for your brand.


Bringing the brand to life

The analysis results in the brand booklet, which illuminates your brand personality from different perspectives and makes it tangible for you in everyday life.


Media strategy - achieving more and more with less

We show you how you can generate the maximum output from your advertising budget and make sure to constantly optimize the performance of your communication. Because before a film can resonate emotionally with the target group, it has to reach them in the first place. 

“The best film is worthless if no one sees it.”
Christian Martin Schäfer
Creative Director

The perfect medium.

There is the perfect medium for every target group and every message. And we will find it for you. To ensure that your campaigns achieve maximum impact, we develop a media mix that suits your brand and target group and supports the goals you have set. 


Maximum ROI.

We maximize the return on investment through precise budget planning. We help you to allocate your budget effectively and use resources optimally to achieve the desired results.


Further increase performance.

We take care of maintaining and optimizing your marketing campaigns, continuously monitoring performance, analyzing data and making adjustments to ensure your campaigns achieve the highest possible success.